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USAA Car Buying Services

Bay Ridge Honda is pleased to participate in the USAA Car Buying Service. The USAA service removes much of the uncertainty and stress of buying a new car. USAA will take information you provide and help determine the best vehicle to meet your budget.

The USAA Car Buying Service will work with you to determine the true cost of vehicle ownership, including factors such as your payment, gas, and insurance costs. Then the USAA Service allows you to search for your ideal vehicle using a range of search options; make, model, desired features, or even specific options to meet your needs.

Additional features of the USAA Car Buying Service include:

  • Apply for a USAA Car Loan
  • Obtain USAA insurance
  • Get a quote for extended vehicle protection

When you are ready to purchase, the USAA Car Buying Service provides discounts and cash incentives from selected manufacturers and dealers. To start the process with USAA, go to and click “Get Started”. You can also review terms and conditions of the program at the bottom of the page.

Once you have obtained your USAA Car Buying Service application approval, come to Bay Ridge Honda and let us help you obtain your favorite Honda. We look forward to helping USAA members obtain their next Honda through the USAA Car Buying Service.