Quiet, Comfortable, and Well-Equipped: The Honda Insight

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As you search for your next vehicle, consider the 2019 Honda Insight. Quiet, comfortable, and well-equipped, this hybrid sedan offers it all. Learn more about the Insight by continuing on with this blog post.

The 2019 Honda Insight is powered by a 1.5-liter inline four engine, as well as a 1.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The Insight earns 107 horsepower and 99-pound-feet of torque with the engine, or a combined 151 horsepower with the gas engine and electric motor working together. This vehicle is fun to drive, offering just enough power to make your daily commute a little more energetic.
One major appeal of the 2019 Honda Insight is the vehicle’s cabin. This hybrid sedan is designed with comfort and quietness in mind. Road noise is hard to hear when getting from here to there. Additionally, the seating is supportive and soft for riders of various sizes and ages. The Insight can seat up to five passengers, making it an ideal sedan for individuals or small families.
The 2019 Honda Insight is a stylish sedan. The vehicle’s exterior is smooth and sleek, with a simple and sophisticated grille, smooth curves, and sharp headlights. If you are the type of driver who loves to ride in style, the Insight is an excellent hybrid sedan for you.
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