Is Your Honda Ready for Summer?

June 28th, 2018 by

Summer is officially here, which means it’s officially time to prep your car for the warm summer weather. Is your Brooklyn Honda ready for summer? If not, follow the advice below to get your car summer ready.

The first step in getting your Honda summer ready is removing any salt from the undercarriage. Road salt reduces the dangers of snow and ice, but it can also increase rust on the bottom of your vehicle. To remove this salt, have your vehicle professionally cleaned or clean it yourself with a garden hose.

Honda Summer Service

After removing salt, check out the tires of your Honda. Tire pressure fluctuates when the temperature changes, which can lead to flat tires or blowouts. Check your tire pressure as the weather warms up to make sure you’re at a safe level.

Summer thunderstorms and rainfall can make driving difficult, which is why you must check your wiper blades to be sure your car is summer ready. Your wiper blades likely went through a lot this winter when removing salt, dirt, and debris, so consider replacing your blades and refilling your wiper fluid.

You should always perform oil changes to your vehicle on a routine basis, especially when the weather warms up. When changing your oil and oil filter, considering changing the air filter as well to keep dust and debris out of the combustion chambers of the cylinders of your Honda.

The next step in getting your car summer ready is checking the battery and spark plugs. Batteries collect corrosion over time, which can lead to stalling. Spark plugs that are dirty can also misfire and waste fuel. Checking your battery and spark plugs, or replacing these parts, can actually save you money in the long run.

Need help getting your Honda summer ready? Stop by our service garage at Bay Ridge Honda for an oil change, tire rotation, car wash, and so on. Get in touch with us by calling 844-445-0219 or visiting us at 8801 4th Avenue in Brooklyn today!

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