How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

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It’s a question car owners are always asking, but the answer varies depending on who you ask. When it comes to caring for your vehicle, oil changes are the most common routine maintenance. However, how often does one need an oil change? Have this question answered once and for all by reading on.

The frequency of an oil change depends on several things. The first factor is the vehicle you are driving. Check the owner’s manual that came with your car, truck, or SUV to see what the manufacturer recommends. Newer vehicles typically require an oil change after 7,500 miles or 12 months, while older vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so. The frequency of an oil change also depends on the age, corrosion, and debris of your engine.
The more you drive your vehicle, the more frequently you should receive an oil change. If you drive your vehicle for thousands of miles but neglect an oil change, you are putting more stress on your engine. This stress can cause your engine to break down. To avoid more expensive repairs, take your vehicle in for an oil change based on the mileage suggested in your owner’s manual.
Other factors related to the frequency of your oil changes include the weather. Hot weather affects the viscosity of your oil. Also, shorter trips are tougher on your engine than longer trips, so if you drive less than 5 miles most of the time, you may want to consider more frequent oil changes.
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