Honda Lease or Honda Loan?

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Once you’ve decided on a vehicle, you are inevitably faced with the question of whether to finance it with a lease or a loan. Each approach has benefits, but finding the right path for your particular purchase can sometimes be difficult. Let’s take a look at those choices.

The most common approach is to purchase a vehicle with financing. This is a long-term investment but allows for the greatest freedom of use. This option is best suited for drivers who wish to keep the vehicle for more than five years and don’t want limitations on how they can drive. Honda offers excellent financing options, with flexible payments suited for each buyer. Naturally, once the financing period has passed, drivers retain full ownership of the vehicle with no further payments.
Alternatively, drivers can choose to lease their Honda. This option maintains monthly payments as well, but with no intent towards future ownership. This choice limits the driver’s choices, preventing vehicle alterations and limiting mileage, but opens up greater freedoms in the short term. Leased vehicles are covered by a full warranty and complimentary maintenance, reducing the opportunity for notorious surprise costs that vehicle ownership normally entails. Once the lease term has passed, the vehicle reverts ownership and the driver is free to start over with a brand new lease.
Regardless of the choice you make, Honda offers the best of both worlds along with exceptional customer service and the best in automotive ingenuity. If you are considering a purchase or a lease, look no further than Honda.
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