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Heat Up with Summer Car Maintenance

By bayridgeadmin | Posted in Blog, Uncategorized on Friday, July 15th, 2016 at 1:20 pm

NY Car Maintenance | Manhattan Preowned Honda Dealer

Summer is here at last! And while warmer weather and long road trips mean good times for you, they can certainly take a toll on your vehicle. The summer heat can be just as tough on your car as the winter freeze. This summer, make sure an overheated engine or broken AC system doesn’t spoil your vacation. A few simple summer maintenance tasks will keep your car performing at its best. It doesn’t matter if you’re not exactly a mechanic, or even much of a do-it-yourselfer. We’ve got a few basic car maintenance services that anyone can handle. Take a look at four car maintenance services that can make all the difference for your Honda this summer.

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Oil: check it, recheck it, then check it again.

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Oil lubricates the engine, reducing friction and heat buildup. During the hot summer months, checking the oil regularly is critical to your vehicle’s performance. Top off with extra oil when levels are low. Also monitor the color and consistency of the oil; these factors speak volumes about the health of your car. And don’t forget to take your vehicle in for regular oil changes – about every 5,000 miles or so.

Check all those other fluids too.

The summer heat can cause your vehicle’s fluids to evaporate more quickly than usual. You’ll want to keep an eye on the levels of these vital fluids:

  • Coolant – Your vehicle’s cooling system sustains high levels of wear and tear during the summer. The cooling system should be checked regularly and the fluid replaced as needed. It is usually recommended that coolant in your vehicle be flushed every two years.
  • Brake Fluid – A good way to keep your braking system youthful and in good working order is to keep the brake fluid healthy. Check levels often and have the brake fluid bled once each year.
  • Transmission Fluid – Your vehicle’s transmission fluid is both a lubricant and a coolant. To avoid severely shortening the transmission’s lifespan, make sure you check transmission fluid levels often. Also have transmission fluid changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Windshield Fluid – Dirt, road grime, and bugs – a lot of debris can build up on your windshield during the summer. Make sure you keep your windshield washer fluid topped off.

Inspect the tires.

Keep a close and watchful eye on your vehicle’s tires. Make sure they are properly inflated – the hot summer sun can cause tire pressure to increase. Inspect the tire tread – does it feel worn or uneven? Also, properly rotated tires can dramatically improve your fuel efficiency and help to reduce tire wear and tear.

Keep things shiny and clean.

This one should be a no-brainer. Wash and wax that car! Regularly washing your vehicle protects the paint and top coat, which is the first line of defense against rust. A good coat of wax acts like sunblock against the sun’s harsh rays.

For even more summer car maintenance tips and service ideas, give us a call or stop in to Bay Ridge Honda in Brooklyn, NY today. We are here to assist you with all your Honda financing, servicing, and customer care needs!

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