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Savings with Cruise Control

By bayridgeadmin | Posted in Blog, Honda Technology on Monday, September 5th, 2016 at 7:07 pm

Bronx Cruise Control Savings | Queens Honda Dealer

According to a study, more than one-third of drivers almost always use cruise control when it is safe to do so. This data shows that cruise control is a driver’s favorite car feature. Cruise control has many positives. For example, drivers can rest their feet while maintaining a constant speed on a long trip. Also, they need not worry about driving too fast or too slow. However many drivers do not know that cruise control not just saves from the hassles of driving, but also saves them on gas and speeding ticket expenditures. Bay Ridge Honda elaborates on how cruise control helps save you money below.

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More Miles Per Gallon

Cruise control makes use of a small computer under the hood. When you set the desired speed, the computer immediately accelerates to the speed and keeps the car going at that rate. By maintaining a steady rate, you are limiting the number of times you apply the brake in your vehicle as well as how much you accelerate. Driving at a constant speed helps to maximize your miles per gallon, thereby saving you money.

Speeding Ticket Savings

It is advised to set the cruise control at the speed limit. Studies indicate that more than half of drivers set their pace at just above the limit, while a few others set it at the actual speed limit. Depending on the state you drive in, speeding fines can make you shelve upwards of $100. However, just because a driver is permitted to drive 80 miles an hour without running the risk of fines, doesn’t necessarily make it the best idea to cruise at that velocity. The US Department of Energy states that fuel economy doesn’t remain its best at speeds above 50 miles per hour. According to the report, for every five miles per hour driven over 50 MPH, a driver can lose 14 cents per gallon. These findings of the Department Of Energy can help you calculate at what optimum speed you should drive.

If you take care of the above two factors, then you may save over 7% on gas alone. Slow and steady save the dime! Not setting the cruise over the speed limits and slowing down might increase the length of your journey by a few minutes. However, you will have a happier journey knowing that you are cruising your way to some impressive financial gains.

We will help you find a vehicle, new or pre-owned, with cruise control to save your bucks. Visit us today at Bay Ridge Honda, or get started by filling out our online finance application to get pre-qualified!

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