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Mark got us out from a very bad deal to an affordable and great deal. We were recommended to Mark and we will continue to pass the recommendation on.
Let me start by saying, " I hate salesman!!". I hate the way they lie, i hate that fake, stupid smile they put on their faces, and i hate they way they talk to you like they are brilliant and you are a moron. Ive been dreading going to a dealership because i don't like to be taken advantage of, but i needed a certified car, so i went. When i got to bay ridge Honda ... da, Jeff Goldberg met me at the door, i told him i was interested in a 07 Honda pilot, and he immediately went to work. He pulled up about 12 pilots on his computer and showed me them in his lot. One pilot that was listed was no where to be found on the lot, of course that was the one i wanted. in minutes Jeff had tracked it down in the service garage, it had just arrived to the dealership. Jeff escorted me across the street and down the block to the garage. The car was filthy, but i knew that the "car cleaning guys" would make it look brand new. So lets make a deal. I was already pre-approved from MCU at 8.40 %, but for only 20,000.This was my budget. The price of the car was 21,960. I only had 3000 to put down and after taxes and tags the price was getting up there. So Jeff suggested they run my credit and try to get me a cheaper rate, but i had to drop a 500 deposit before hand. Of course this is where i figured i was supposed to drop my pants and grab my ankles. Jeff assured me that if the payments didn't work for me , i would get my 500 back with no problem. GGrrrrr....ok lets do it. The next morning we were hit with 2 feet of snow, Jeff had called me first thing and told me i was approved and he was waiting on the finance guy to tell me what percent i was getting. As the day went on , the snow kept coming, and i didn't hear from Jeff. i was kind of aggravated, but because of the bad weather, i figured they just left for the day. I couldn't blame them, i was just very anxious and excited to hear how close i was getting to my truck. The next morning the finance guy calls me and gives me a rate of 7%...HOMERUN!, but at what cost? He told me what my payments to the dollar would be and i agreed , but if it was a penny more when i got there he could forget it, don't try and sell me anything with it, lo jack, extended warranty, nothing...nothing more , he agrees.i figured i'm not giving him a chance to screw me. two mins later Jeff calls, "ok when do you want it?" "yesterday", i said. He said "ok, let me pull 2 guys off of shoveling snow and get your car cleaned up ill see you in 4 hours, with all of the paper work ready". mmmmm....ok, ill see you then, i guess this is the part where i get ripped off. i met with C.J. the finance guy and he had all the paper work laid out for me, he explained in detail what everything was , i read them and signed and i owned the truck!! 20 mins, and i had the keys?.?.? screwing.... nothing... these guys were great. I am going to recommend Jeff to everyone, this guy explained every single feature in the car after he installed my new plates. i cant believe how worked up i got for nothing..I figured someone at least would have took a shot at ripping me off, but they couldn't have been more honest. My experience at bay ridge Honda was excellent, i couldn't be happier. Jeff and C.J., thank you very much and i look forward to doing business with you again.
happy pilot guy
Great I was very happy with the way the sales person knew what he was seller and took the time to explain every thing to me, he also made me very relaxed while my wife and I where waiting for the car to be prepared as waited to have the lojack system instilled
Nick La Brocca
My husband and I were looking to purchase a minivan as our family is expanding. We currently owned a Nissan Rogue, which was too small for us, and we needed to trade it in. I met with Mark Anthony to discuss our options. He was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Mark Anthony was also very patient in dealing with us as we were having difficulty with our trade in. It ... . It took us 3 1/2 months to finally purchase the Odyssey. Together with his sales manager, Gene, they really were willing to work within our means and offer the best possible deal. I highly recommend this dealership as this is the fourth car that my husband and I have purchased from this location. Additionally, I strongly recommend dealing with Mark Anthony as he is truly concerned with the best interest of his clients.
We recently purchased a new 2010 Honda Accord. Both Frank and Hank were polite and very knowledge. There was no high pressure antics. They spent over a hour with my wife and myseifon two different days. We checked with other dealers in Brooklyn so We know the price was right. What I appreciated most was the many followup calls to see if we were satisfied.

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Bay Ridge Honda is your Honda dealer in Brooklyn, NY. We serve all Five Boroughs with our Honda vehicles. Customers commute from Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and of course, Brooklyn, just to see the vehicles that we have on offer here. We even have customers come from New Jersey and Pennsylvania for our cars and our customer service. When it comes to Honda, we have all the most popular models including Accord, Civic, Pilot, Odyssey, Insight, Fit, CR-V, CR-Z, and any other Honda model that you may be interested in. Our extensive inventory also includes many great used and Certified Preowned Honda options. Our Certified Pre-owned Honda vehicles will give you the new car experience at the used car price.

We can sell your next Honda, set-up your next Honda lease, and even provide Honda service. Our service center features express service options and “Night Owl” service and Honda parts hours that have us open until midnight every weekday. We offer award-winning customer service, and our NY Honda sales representatives are ready to help you get into the vehicle of your dreams. Browse our inventory or come to see us in Brooklyn and view our inventory for yourself. If you are in Bay Ridge, Suffolk County or Brooklyn, then we are right in your neighborhood. We are your New York Honda dealer.

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